Public Key Authentication with Putty


Windows = Still Exists

Administration from Windows of Linux = Putty

Key-based authentication from Putty = Puttygen

Launch the key generator included with Putty called PuTTYgen.

Click Generate. Move the mouse around for some good ol random numbers.

Stick a passphrase on it if you’re feeling insecure about yourself.

Save the public key somewhere and save the private key somewhere too. (Both are required for a good time.)

Before you close the program, copy the prepared public key to the clipboard from the box in PuTTYgen that has been prepared for the authorized_keys file.

Open an ssh session to the machine you’re administering.

~$ cat >> ~./ssh/authorized_keys

Then paste your key in there, hit enter, and press CTRL-C.

Now create a new session in PuTTY.

Go to Connection > Data and put in your Auto-login username that you just appended the public key to.

Then go to Connection > SSH > Auth and put the path of your private key in the box.

Then go back up to Session. Put the address or host name of your machine in the Host Name box, stick a name in Saved Sessions and hit Save.

Now you can double-click on it for instant satisfaction of authentication.

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