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Living wild and free

So now you have key-based authentication setup for remote administration of your servers and you really want to crank up the laziness factor.

Remembering a password sucks, especially if you’ve eliminated them for logons. Now you only need it for sudo commands, right? NOT AFTER THIS DANDY!!

Every time you need to run something that requires root privileges, you have to type sudo and then your password if you haven’t used the command recently.

Lets quit beating around the bush and get some work done.

~$ sudo visudo

If your user name isn’t already in the config, scroll down and add this line at the bottom. If it is, just modify it to fit this format (specifically the NOPASSWD: )


Then save it and quit. Now your good to go! No more pesky password.

This makes your private key very important to protect, especially if you didn’t put a passphrase on it.